Match Preview – Arsenal vs Liverpool (Away – Match 3) (Post #5)

So were you anxious through the last week of the transfer deadline? Looking forward to Arsenal away at Liverpool this Sunday? I was, to tell you the truth. Now? Not so much. Why you ask? Let me tell you what I’ve been upto last week-

I’ve been refreshing my home page for football news day in and day out for the past 6 days. Looking for an Arsenal buy or selling off the “deadwood” (Bendtner, Park). But what I saw was this: Man City sign five players including Maicon and Javi Garcia on deadline day. Tottenham swoop Clint Dempsey and Hugo Lloris. Fulham sign Berbatov. Chelsea surpass £1billion in transfer spending in 7 years of Abrahamovich’s reign. And finally, Arsenal LOAN (meaning we still pay their wages) both Park Chu Young to Celta Vigo and Bendtner to Juventus. The Old Lady came out saying she signed Bendtner only as a last resort. Poooofffff.

Now, I ask the brave Gunners to proceed and delve into looking at our match preview against Liverpool- In contrast, I am optimistic about our game at Anfield. Liverpool unlike Sunderland or Stoke will bring an urgency and purpose to our game. Following their bittersweet display against Man City, expect Liverpool to be on the resurgence. Here now is a look at our possible line-up and our favourite segment – Score Prediction.

GK: Chesney is yet to undergo tests to see if he has finally overcome the nagging rib injury. Mannone can provide cover. Not much to worry about (I hope). Who are we facing up front? Suarez. Oh crap.

DEF: Koscielny is still out and is also undergoing fitness tests. Touchwood the back four we have now stays fit and brings another clean sheet. Gibbs-Per-Vermaelen-Corporal Jenkinson.

MID: A change up is necessary. If we are to counter the inspiring display of one Raheem Sterling, we must put forth Oxlade-Chamberlain or even Walcott (despite being still locked in contract negotiations). So, a midfield quartet with Arteta at the back, Gervinho/Ramsey and Oxlade/Walcott on either side with Cazorla spearheading the diamond would counter Brendan Rogers’ midfield setup comfortably.

ATT: Podolski cutting in from the left supporting Giroud is the ONLY right option. Arshavin should be given a run in at Anfield. This always has been a happy hunting ground for the Russian, maybe this could re-ignite his second Arsenal spell.

Score Prediciton: 2-1 to the Arsenal! This result would be better than another 0-0 or a loss before heading into the dreaded international break. Here’s to hoping.

Villain of the week:  This segment sees the return of an old enemy- Jose Mourinho, for swiping Essien off our hands from Chelsea.

Summary of the transfer window and season thus far: I find it hard to be enthusiastic about the season. There are still some Gunners who ask to hold on and that we will challenge. Some more frustrated than I am are already looking past this season. I think with 2 points in 2 games and with the tough games coming up, Arsenal’s title challenge in my opinion will all come to an end by the end of September. And hence fittingly, I find myself listening to this song: ….




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