Post Match Analysis- Arsenal vs Liverpool (Away – Match 3) (Post #6)

So, Arsenal win 2-0 Liverpool away at Anfield. Great result for us, I predicted a 2-1 but 2-0 is better! I may still be a bit peeved because I just saw Robin Van ‘Nistelrooy’ score a hat-trick despite missing a penalty to help United beat Southampton away. Bad piece of business for us so far. But the international break has come. My cynical side hopes Robin is used well for Netherlands. Real well. All 90 minutes well. Anyways, moving back to better things- Santi Cazorla and Lukas Podolski… What a way to open your account by defeating Steven Gerrard and his men. I have never seen a more disciplined Arsenal in quite a while. Good on ya Steve Bould. Let’s see how our team fared today in all departments-

At the back: Mannone was all jitters but the defence provided great cover. Vermalen and Per did a great job although I am worried about our captain’s injury at the end of the game. Gibbs was found missing in the first half but thankfully Podolski did his defensive track-backs quite well. Walcott could learn a thing or two (Anyone else think he’ll be out by January?). Arteta was classy as always. Corporal Jenkinson was mighty on the right side by neutralizing Raheem Sterling.

In the middle: With Arteta holding well and stopping Liverpool plays, Diaby was given the license to thrust forward and that boy showed insane skill levels. The ball was silky smooth on his feet. Such an amazing player, I can see why Wenger didn’t want to let him go. The Ox did his bit too even if he looked a bit jaded. And finally Cazorla, I just have one thing to say. I WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY REASON IF HE IS SOLD TO THE RICH CLUBS FOR “BUSINESS” PURPOSES OR BECAUSE HE WANTED TO LEAVE. SIGN HIM UP FOR 10 YEARS, I DON’T CARE. DO NOT LET GO OF HIM.


UP FRONT: OUR ATTACK, Sorry still had the CAPS on. Right, much better. Podolski is such an honest guy. You can see it on the pitch and in his style. Giroud on the other hand sulks like Anelka, plays like the lovechild of Chamakh and Bendtner. If football wasn’t his thing, it’s good for his income that he is atleast good looking. But I STILL believe he will score goals for us, he is a poacher. He needs to play like one and not change his style for Arsenal. I don’t want him to become a Carlos Vela, Chamakh, Bendtner or a Park Chu Young. And where is Arshavin??!!

Summary: Good win. Happy at our team stability. Let’s take a look at the Good, Bad and the Ugly.

Good: First win of the season. Cazorla and Podolski off the mark. Diaby and 90 minutes together.

Bad: Vermaelen knock at the end of the game. Giroud’s sulking behaviour.

Ugly: RvP … oops, Robin Van Nistelrooy’s hat-trick.

Southampton visit us next week. Look forward to our Match Preview. And as always, we love hearing from you. Enjoy your week ahead Gunners! Peace…

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2 thoughts on “Post Match Analysis- Arsenal vs Liverpool (Away – Match 3) (Post #6)

  1. Rahul_Madrid says:

    A late response here, but better late than never. I’d like to comment on those Arsenal players that I’m familiar with, and then ask some Qs on those I don’t know too well.

    RvP and Song were both significant losses, but I think some of the purchases that have been made have been really top notch. In recent seasons I’ve been disappointed with Arsenal’s transfer activity with a few exceptions…

    Arteta: I’ve always been a huge fan of this player and his work at Everton. It’s his great misfortune that he’s Spanish.. he would walk into a lot of top national teams in my opinion. He has the stereotypical Spanish midfielders’ qualities, but his years in the EPL have added an English dimension to his game as well. But having said, do you think he’s a player who can help take this team deep into the Champions League? Because that’s what Arsenal should always be aiming for.

    Cazorla: Ahhh Cazorla. I thoroughly enjoyed watching play for Villareal, and he was great for Malaga as well. A genuine world-class Spanish midfielder… what else can I say? La Liga watchers have always appreciated Cazorla’s greatness, and yes he is a great player, not just a very good one. He’s someone who can win you matches even when your team isn’t playing well. The best signing Arsenal have made in many years. Enjoy him, he is pure class as you’ve seen already.

    Podolski: He brings something different from Arsenal. Not a flashy player, but a very tactically aware and very, very, very smart player. What he lacks in flashiness he makes up for with his smarts. Knows when to run, when to hold position, when to pass and when to track back. Every team needs players like him to complement players like Cazorla. I had doubts about whether he will succeed in EPL, because let’s face it he has always underwhelmed in club football despite always being consistent for Germany. Will be interesting to see if that changes at Arsenal.

    Giroud: I’ve never watched him play but he seems like a dependable goalscorer. Do you think he can be relied upon to score 20+ goals a season?

    I’m still unsure about your defence. Mertesacker was world class some years ago, especially for Germany in that pairing with Metzelder. At that time he was incredibly solid but surprisingly clean, committing very very few fouls. But his lack of pace concerns me. Gibbs is a youngster who I don’t know much about. If you could rejig Arsenal’s defence, who would you sign? Who would you get rid of??

    • aslamimz says:

      Hey! It’s my favorite Madridista- Rahul. I’ll get straight to answering your comments and questions. RvP is a big loss in the sense that he is world class and is taking our arch rivals to the next level. Song is as well but to your arch rivals Barca. His EPL experience would have helped us. Nonetheless, after watching Diaby and Arteta, I am appeased.

      A few years of playing in the SPL has made Arteta a rough and sharp edge of our midfield diamond. I look at Arteta’s contribution differently, if Arsenal are to be big players in the CL, everyone else needs to be as reliable and consistent as Arteta. If the likes of Rosicky and Ramsey play like him, then I don’t see why we can’t challenge deep into CL. That has been Arsenal’s reason for somewhat early exits. The lack of consistency has been excused by playing the blame game on ‘lack of experience and squad depth’ and ‘injuries due to fixture congestion’. So Arteta in fact should be the role model for the team. Arteta is such a Professional. I can’t find faults even if I tried.

      The only way I can explain my joy of seeing Cazorla play for Arsenal is that it is the equivalent of a girl getting her first pony for her birthday. I look forward to his contribution for seasons (Disclaimer: Provided he doesn’t leave Arsenal on money grounds, etc. etc.). Podolski is just a well oiled German Machine. His activeness and demeanor on the pitch makes him very enthusiastic. I’ve never seen a player actually show real enjoyment whilst playing. Wenger will mould him just like with RvP.

      Giroud is yet to prove himself. What I like about him is that he goes for and wins every header and 50-50 balls. There is no end product, a few goals against Southampton should sort that out. Here’s to hoping. But 20+ coming from Ligue 1, I don’t think so. 15 is a high enough expectation and would be glad to see him reach it each season. He will be a Kanu or Wiltord type of contributor. A little above bit-part.

      Gibbs is fine at the left flank. I say this because he is our only experienced option even for his age. Hopefully he doesn’t make the mistakes against the big teams like he did a few seasons ago. We were punished real bad then. But I am happy with him and Corp. Jenkinson only because they move forward quite often and just give this unexplainable English flavor to the team. Sagna has crossed his peak plus two leg breaks usually signals the end of a top level of playing. As for the center, Per along with Vermaelen and Koscielny are such welcoming faces of defence. We once had Gallas, Squillaci and Silvestre, so you could see reasons for optimism. It can’t be that worse plus Steve Bould has done an AMAZING job. I can’t tell you how good a shape we have. To put it in short, I’ve had far less bathroom breaks when we defend corners and freekicks. That being said, who wouldn’t want an impenetrable defence. Having lost Vertonghen to Spurs, Samba to Anzhi, Yanga-Mbiwa to AC Milan, I would like to see only Cheikhou Kouyate (Anderlecht) come in to solidify us. Reserve Francis Coquelin can provide wingback cover along with Santos and Sagna for now. I also believe that any tinkering with what now seems to be a unified back four to a fixed defence system will affect us tremendously. I’ll get back to you in a season or two on defense buys.

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