Match Preview – Arsenal vs Southampton (Home – Match 4) (Post #7)

2 weeks! And we’re back after the international break with Arsenal vs Southampton at the Emirates today. Arsenal has had three cleansheets from the start of the season. A fourth would be a new record for Arsenal FC. International breaks have always been a nuisance for our club but this time around we have had a breather at the right time with a few players recovering namely Vermaelen. Today will also feature the return of Chesney, our #1. Koscielny also provides great defensive depth now. So let’s go straight to preview the match and our possible team sheet for today.

GK: Chesney! Chesney! Chesney!

DEF: Gibbs and Corp. Jenkinson on the backwings. Koscielny in place of Mertesacker most likely to give Per a well-deserved rest. Expect a few mistakes post international break but overall the Bould effect will overcome this.

MID: Midfield General Mikel Arteta alongside Ramsey (Diaby won’t be risked by Wenger, he’s his precious) in the centre. On the wings, Gervinho should return with the Ox at the other side. Oxlade-Chamberlain replaces Walcott (out with a virus) and gets to play against his former club. This is his chance to get back to some fine displays he showed last season, especially the ones against Blackburn and AC Milan.

ATT: With the Champions League games starting, there will now be a fixture congestion (More football for us!). So bearing that in mind, I expect Giroud to replace Podolski an hour into the game with the exception of any unexpected injuries. Of course, we can look forward to that gem of a footballer, Mr. Santi Cazorla to create for both these men. Best playmaker Arsenal has had in years. I’m still chomping at the bits to see him play week in and week out. Oh and I will continue to ask this every week till it comes to fruition- Where is Arshavin? A T-shirt titled ‘Arshavin Missing’ with Arshavin and his traditional ‘Shh’ gesture would be fitting merchandise. I’d wear it. I’m sure someone out there must already be selling it.

Prediction: Arsenal 3-0 Southampton. A well fought win and wait for iiiiiiiiiitt… GIROUD WILL SCORE TODAY. There you go, that’s a headline. I also have more faith in the defence now (Dear back four- Please don’t break this happy little wish of mine, keep another cleansheet).

SPECIAL NOTE TO THE READERS: I’d like to thank all the Gunners thus far from 51 countries who come to read the blog, especially from Malaysia (love Nasi Goreng and Satay), the UK, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Germany, the US, India, Ireland and SO MANY more across Africa and Asia. I really appreciate the fact that you enjoy the blog. Now, let’s hope the Arsenal deliver the goods and make this weekend enjoyable and look forward to the Post Match Analysis. As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts, predictions and anything you have to say about our wonderful club. You know where to join us, and for you twitterati – . I sign off for now chanting- “AND IT’S ARSENAL, ARSENAL WE SING, WE’RE BY FAR THE GREATEST TEAM THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN!” BOOYAAH!

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