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Post Match Analysis- Arsenal vs Southampton (Home – Match 4) (Post #8) and Montpellier Champions League Preview

Arsenal 6-1 Southampton, well what can I say?? We saw the Arsenal from the glory days. Quick 1-2 passing, intricate team plays, solid defence as a unit and ruthless aggression. The only thing I feel bad about is that, it happened to a good manager (Nigel Adkins). Hopefully, he is given time to make his team a Premier League mainstay. So, this post will quickly review our game this weekend and also preview our Champions League to Montpellier (Reason: For fans who have work or study during the week, you can do your pre-match read now!). Ok, here we go:

Arsenal 6-1 Southampton Post Match Analysis:

Defensive display: Except for the fumble by Chesney, we were rock solid at the back. Per Mertesacker proved me wrong by being consistent and reliable. I thought he should have had a rest and give Koscielny a run. But it is amazing to see that someone like Koscielny has to compete for a place in the team. That can only be a good sign. I expect him to be in the line-up for Montpellier though but more on that later. Even with our well-kept defence, Gibbs and Corp. Jenkinson still managed to give the Southampton fullbacks a horrid time. Arsenal now has the perfect blend of discipline to match their attacking flair. Thank you Steve Bould.

Midfield and Forward: As I predicted, the whole midfield and forward setup was the same except that Coquelin was given a run ahead of Ramsey. Giroud must have been itching to come on and score but didn’t have any chances his way for the few minutes he played. His confidence will have taken a dent. But remember there was this kid from Paris who didn’t score for 9 games after his Arsenal debut. His name, if you can recollect is Thierry Henry. I am still giving Giroud the benefit of the doubt; he will score soon- A goal against his former club perhaps? Podolski with that freekick- Perfect. Robin Van what’s his name? Gervinho also removed any critics off his back who were complaining about his goal drought. Ramsey and Walcott played fine cameo roles.


Key Players: Most importantly, there were two Spaniards running the show in a quiet yet dominant manner. Arteta and Cazorla were like producer and director of the film. Tells you how good Spain is when these two can’t feature in the first team. The whole team should be moulded around these two. Top, top players … Overall, 6-1 was a very satisfying run. Now, we move on to Montpellier before we go to clash with the clubs from Manchester.

Arsenal vs Montpellier Match Preview:

Arsenal play away to Montpellier on Tuesday, this will kick off our Champions League campaign. How we start is crucial to our progression both in Europe and into the next few weeks of tough fixtures. Straight to the possible line-up now:

Team sheet: Chesney, Gibbs, Koscielny, Per/Vermaelen, Corp. Jenkinson/Coquelin, Arteta, Ramsey, Gervinho, Walcott, Cazorla, Giroud.

Subsitutes who will feature at some point: Podolski and Diaby.

Prediction: Arsenal 2-1 away at France. GIROUD TO SCORE AGAINST HIS FORMER CLUB. I’m  serious he will. (It’s not like we’ve had goalless strikers have we?).

Oh and WHERE IS ARSHAVIN??. I’d like to be paid £70,000 a week just chilling. He’s living the dream!

Hope you had a good weekend and enjoy your week ahead. Also, you Gunners have doubled in viewership after the last post. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. Arsenal and its fans- BEST IN THE WORLD!

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