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Post Match Analysis- Arsenal vs Norwich (Away – Match 8) (Post #16)

Ladies and Gentlemen, this will probably be the just another rant in blogosphere history. But read it and have a think and do share if you felt the same too. For the first time in my 12+ years of Arsenal fanhood- I’d actually fallen asleep watching an Arsenal game, granted I was immensely tired after work and workout. But I’ve always watched till the final whistle but yesterday I found it real hard. Even our players were just completely jaded. Each player was still figuring out what he had to do on the pitch even Santi Cazorla. Everyone was of sorts, plus Chambo’s got injured.  Sigh…. There really isn’t much to say, even the boss just came flat out and admitted and I quote: “We were well below par today”. Having said that, credit must go to Norwich who took full advantage of our state of jetlag and lack of coordination. Folks I think we can all agree and blame it all on one thing and I have just two words for that – International Break! But wait, how do teams like United, Chelsea, Man City get away with it? Is it our squad depth? Or the lack of quality in the deep ends of our squad? Let’s take a look. Man City were a goal down and they had Edin Dzeko come on and score the equalizer AND the winning goal. Chelsea just destroyed Tottenham at the White Hart Lane and I don’t need to tell you about their resources. How about United you ask? Well they bought this striker, remember? Last year’s top league goalscorer, used to play for us… Robin Van Persie, yea he scored two goals for them and assisted too. Yea they bought our best striker. But then you ask me- what about their substitutes? Danny Welbeck is their reserve who comes on to score one more along with Rooney to make it 4-2 against a resilient Stoke City. When we had our reserves (by which I mean substitutes) on, Arshavin was lacklustre although he has so much more potential and Chambo got injured. Chamakh is already set for Bordeaux by the looks of it. Theo was injured, Koscielny out with a back injury while playing for France. So yesterday should have been a routine win but noooooo it didn’t happen. We have Schalke this Wednesday but luckily its at the Emirates, so let’s hope the lads recuperate faster and make that three out of three in the Champions League. I will catch up with you folks for our weekend game at home to QPR. Until then I hope you all are praying like me when I say SAVE US WILSHERE!

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Match Preview – Arsenal vs Norwich (Away – Match 8) (Post #15)

Rumours are circulating that the rightful heir to the throne of the Arsenal Kingdom has returned in service to his legion. He is touted to replace the memories of yesteryear by upholding the same qualities that were displayed by his predecessors King Henry and Prince Cesc. He has also been duly notified that the jester of the court – one Robin Van Persie has left. He was also been reported to have approved Arsenal’s acquisition of the services of two new commanders in chief – General Podolski et General Giroud. He would also get back to matters alongside his old allies from his youth- Knights Diaby, Ramsey and Arteta. But most importantly, what will happen in the English continent is his new alliance with the Excellence of Execution, a wizard even- Santi Cazorla. These are signs of prosperity in terms of the royalty displayed. The new councils at Stamford Bridge and theEastlands along with the perennial archrivals overat the Kop, Old Trafford and White Hart Lane have all been warned of his return. He is JACK WILSHERE.

I know remove my Medieval style thinking hat and proceed to our Match Preview for Arsenal vs Norwich (Away).

Match Preview- Arsenal vs Norwich (Away) – Match 8:

Well that was a looooooong international break but I am glad we are back albeit with Theo getting a nasty injury but this is aint the first time he’s got injured after finally getting back good form. Let us hope he comes back strong, well atleast he has so much time to sort out if he is going to stay or leave.

Possible team line up:

GK: Mannone (our only top choice, please stay uninjured Vito)

DEF: Santos, Vermaelen, Mertesacker, Corp. Jenkinson. I’d like to see Santos get some game time and that is exactly what will happen with Gibbs out injured. Koscielny didn’t have a good outing for France, he has a back injury as well, stay strong Gunner. He will hopefully feature at some point in this month’s fixtures.Sagna is back too, but not to full match fitness, I am sure he will be eased into the matches. This month’s fixtures aren’t as demanding as they usually are.

MID: Arteta, Cazorla, Ramsey (Never any doubt about these three now). Now who features in the fourth position in the midfield quartet is the million dollar question because it could make or break our game especially after a long international break. Coquelin or Chambo or the Dench Kid Frimpong can step up. Frimpong can stay back and allow Arteta some time up front. Gervinho might be rested after his African trip, he may start but then again it is up to the boss. This could be a very tricky decision. Or could this be ARSHAVIN’s rennaisance period??? Watch this space…

ATT: Giroud HAS to feature, he is just picking up pace for club and country both assists and goal wise. Him and Podolski up front should be a delight to watch. We can FINALLY have a two striker/forward pairing, last seen in the Arsenal circa 2003/04 ala Dennis Bergkamp and Thierry Henry.


Arsenal 3-1 Norwich. I expect us to give away a sloppy goal or a penalty given our team rust. But we’ll switch gears once the players get back to how it was two weeks ago (wow it’s been two weeks?!) and we will win with all guns blazing.

So … Buckle up, sit back and relax. It’s the weekend and this is ARSENAL !!! Look forward to our post match analysis and thank you for reading. Plus if you have any special article requests for all things Arsenal or even football in general please do let me know. With all honesty, it is a delight writing for you fellow Gunners and also for other fans who are kind enough to appreciate this, all you lot are the best in the world! Cheers!

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