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In less than 2 hours, I believe we will witness an epic 90+ minutes. Arsenal MUST win in order to send a message to all doubters across England and Europe. This will be a symbolic passing of the baton from one Red club to the other. This will also be the revival of true English football. The money and the glam that clubs like Man City and Chelsea have bought have dampened the real essence of English Football. Tonight, Arsenal and Man United will bring back the glory days. This match win, lose or draw will leave no doubt in anyone’s mind- Arsenal and Manchester United alongside Liverpool are the Greatest English Footballing Giants. The intensity of this game will no doubt be unmatched. Money can’t buy you spirit. This will once again be the worldwide spectacle it used to be a decade ago. We will witness a WAR!!!


Straight off the bat, both teams will press and push forward. Expect 11 v 11 battles, expect 1 v 1 battles, expect cards of the darker shade, expect Blood. The high mutual respect between the clubs is the reason why this match is so important to these two clubs. Everyone has to be on top of their game. Let us hope the officials don’t disappoint. Here is what I think should be our iron clad blueprint to a full 3 points at the Theatre of Dreams.


  • Sagna and Gibbs must be cautious against the likes of Valencia and Nani. But also provide width to our central diamond.
  • Koscielny can stay tucked in and be solid in clearing out. No freekicks must be given to the left foot of RvP.
  • Per must act as a sweeper.
  • We shouldn’t play a high line like we did against Dortmund else United will punish.
  • Flamini and Arteta must cover our posts during defensive corners.


  • Speed of our counter-attack is very important.
  • Arteta must hold, Flamini must press.
  • Cazorla and Ramsey should be willing to take shots from outside the box. De Gea needs to be tested.
  • Ozil must be given a free and more central role.
  • Tracking back and defending as a team is important none more so against the wingers of United.


  • Solitary but solid, Giroud will have an interesting head to head with Nemanja Vidic.
  • Giroud must not be wasteful. Far and few chances are given in a match of this magnitude.
  • Win all headers. Don’t hold up play … There is no time.

Team Play: An imposing last line of defence, a well marshalled back line, a solid double pivot and a destructive quintet together are sufficient to Fight for Pride, Fight for Glory, Fight for the name in front of our jerseys. This is more than 3 points, this has to be more than a great win, this is for LEGACY.

Squad Prediction: Szczesny, Gibbs, Per, Koscielny, Sagna, Flamini, Arteta, Ramsey, Cazorla, Ozil et Giroud

Score Prediction: 2-0 or 3-1 to the Arsenal. This is my gut instinct. I threw rationale and logic out the window. I expect this match to blow my mind away.

As the lyric in ‘Remember the Name’ goes … “Eight years in the making, patiently waiting”. It’s about time … We raise hell in the Devils’ own backyard tonight. OOH TO … OOH TO BE … OOH TO BE A GOONER … C’MON ARSENAL!!!

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Arsenal vs Liverpool – Arsenal’s real start to the season. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!

Match Preview – Arsenal vs Liverpool (Home) – Nov 2 2013

It’s almost been a year since I stopped my blog because of the lack of fight and ambition from the club I’ve grown up watching since high school. Finally I jump from my seat in joy and not yell at the TV like I have done since we moved to the Emirates Stadium. This season we have grit and experience and a LOT more quality (at least in the first 11). Arsenal now sits atop the league but for how long? The real season begins now…. A barrage of heavyweight clashes starts with a home game with Liverpool followed by Man United away. A Clash with Dortmund on their home turf is also in the cards. November is the season defining month for us. It would tell us where we would stand come January and from there on in May. The Premier League is our ideal challenge, the FA cup, Capital One Cup are insignificant for a drought of 8 years. The Champions League a higher challenge that can only be won through a better squad depth. Baby steps…but quick ones at it.

Now to tonight’s challenges across the field:


(1)    DEF vs ATT: Liverpool and more importantly the SAS (Sturridge and Suarez) deadly duo: We have our own deadly duo- Centrebacks Per Mertesacker and Laurent Koscielny. In addition, our fullbacks are well experienced now to balance between defense and attack. Liverpool’s more central attacking play should help our cause of bombarding forward. Contain one of the SAS and we should have an unlikely cleansheet.


(2)    MID vs MID: With most teams, we have an upper hand when it comes to the middle of the park. Henderson and the aging (yet world class) Gerrard have nothing on us. The game’s pace SHOULD be dictated through our midfield, so let us hope the Gunners diamond are up for it.

(3)    ATT vs DEF: I believe the main difference, the match wining point lies only on one man as has been the case for this season. That man is Olivier Giroud, not Ozil, Ramsey, Flamini, Cazorla but Giroud. He has to lead the line perfectly, hold up play and score at every chance he gets. His absence was felt in the midweek game against Chelsea. I sincerely hope Wenger gets us a good striker come January to partner with Giroud and offload Bendtner (I have nothing to say about this guy!). This is because some matches are clearly won with a 4-4-2 and not a 4-5-1. Giroud has to be our powerhouse today and score past Skrtel and Mignolet.


Surprisingly the presence of Ozil has calmed me down this season. You may notice the ranting is less. But the improvement of the squad around him (Ramsey et Co.) is far more appeasing. I am a realist and a tad bit pessimist but I must say, this Arsenal can go all the way. Stick together, work for each other and play the Gunner way. And we will be unstoppable. Have a good weekend Red n White Army!

Squad Prediction: Szczesny, Gibbs, Sagna, Per, Koscielny, Ramsey, Arteta, Cazorla, Wilshere, Ozil et Giroud

Score Prediction: 2-1 or 2-2 . This will be a tight finish, so hold on to the edge of your seats Gunners.

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