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Match Preview – Arsenal vs QPR (Home – Match 9) (Post #17)

Apologize for the delay, there was an error in uploading. So I’ve re-uploaded it now.

This is the Arsenal vs QPR Preview at Home (But does that really matter now? Let us find out). Right, so how do I begin? Two straight losses in what was expected to be a very smooth October. The worst part being that we lost both games without a fight. There was no spark in the engine, no light at the end of the tunnel, no wheels in motion. It was really surprising that the Boss actually let two games slip by without any performance from his players. I’d be shocked if it were a trilogy of defeats with no effort shown. I’ve been going on and on for the past few posts and the entire last month that we need some fuel to move us through the second phase of our season. Arshavin doesn’t seem like the solution (Yes I’ve finally given up). Chambo and Theo are out so that’s that. JACK WILSHERE HAS TO BE OUR SAVIOUR! As for now, let’s see how we can “cope” with QPR (Yes, it has come to this).

Possible Line-up:

GK: Mannone (Get your game up boy, no fumbles!)

DEF: Santos (Okkkkk), Vermaelen, Per and SAGNA!!! I believe Corp. Jenkinson will burnout; he needs some rest to prevent any long term injuries.

MID: Arteta, Ramsey and Cazorla as mentioned in previous posts will remain our midfield trio. And in will come in our man, the little engine that will hopefully kick things off to a good win, the saviour for the future of Arsenal FC and the Three Lions- JACK WILSHERE.

ATT: Podolski and Giroud. With Gervinho heading to the African Cup of Nations, it is important we get these two strikers to gel and have a better cohesion about them. So that when we finally create, we know we have two people who understand each other and can score well without ruining it for each other or anyone else from midfield. Giroud really needs to hit the ground running today. You can bet your top dollar or pound (or insert currency here) that Wilshere will ask questions of the QPR defence.

This week features the return of the readers’ favourite segment: The Good, Bad and Ugly

Good: Jack Wilshere and Santi Cazorla playmaking together- should be a delight.

Bad: The culmination of this weekend will confirm if we are out of the title race (for sure) if Chelsea beat United. Plus Roy Hodgson wants Jack playing for England as soon as possible (Need I remind you that Wilshere’s England participation resulted in his 17 month layoff).

Ugly: The Arsenal AGM (Annual General Meeting) was pretty much well … ugly. Questions being asked about why we still can’t compete with the Manchester clubs and why the Pensioners have in a short time won a few league titles and become the first London club to lift the Champions League (It makes me tear up to this day) were all left unanswered. If that wasn’t enough, they (Ivan Gazidis and Peter Hill-Wood) had completely shut off any questions about Alisher Usmanov. I’m not even going to mention anything more about Kroenke (he has done a brilliant investment, so kudos to that businessman).

Prediction: Not in the slightest mood to predict.

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